Higher education in Brasov, Romania - accredited by Pearson International

high-end British education without the burdening costs of studying abroad: you learn from a unique mix of international University Professors and Experienced Professionals to get a British degree, recognized anywhere in the world

The third year

choose to study abroad at one of our partner Universities in the UK or Denmark and get your university degree, recognized worldwide

The first two years

attend our courses in Brasov and get a British Higher National Diploma, recognized by employers and accepted by most international universities to progress directly in the last year of a compatible degree programme

Available Educational Pathways

Application deadline:
15th September


Business Administration

Job Roles: Business Manager, Business Development Manager, Business Adviser, Office Manager

Human Resource Management

Business Administration

Job Roles: HR Officer, Training and Development Officer, Recruitment Consultant, HR Manager


Creative Media Production

Job roles: Video Editor, TV Producer, TV Scriptwriter, TV Studio Operator, TV/Radio Announcer


Creative Media Production

Job roles: Digital Journalist, Print Journalist, Editor, Reporter

BRISB is not for everyone. Is it the right path for you?

Do you believe that you could use a more practical approach to your studies? Do you think that today's technologies evolve faster than our education system and that you need as much help as you can get to keep the pace? Would you appreciate the chance to build a career abroad? If so, maybe BRISB is the right place for you. If you are looking for something else, see the opportunities from our partner European Universities.